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Content Marketing Summit MAR 21 by the numbers

The Content Marketing Summit was a first of its kind Clubhouse Virtual Summit, modelled and building on the first-ever Clubhouse Summit.

It attracted 1,395 attendees, including 6 fantastic keynote speakers and 24 panel speakers & moderators across 18 sessions over 3 days.

While the Summit lasted for about 36 hours (averaging 2 hours per session), the cumulative time attendees participated was 23 days or over 550 hours!

The infographic to the left (which you can download), has a summary of the numbers for the event, and we’ve provided a little more detail below.

The largest session attracted 303 attendees, and on average sessions attracted over 100 attendees.

While an average attendee spent 30 minutes attending the Summit, 167 attendees spent over an hour and the top 49 participated for over 3 hours.

There were over 950 attendees on the 2nd day of the Summit, with an average of 450 on the other days.

The Clubhouse hand photo & video below is made up of all 1,395 attendees’ Clubhouse profile photos.


What did it cost to attend?

The Content Marketing Summit was completely free to attend!

Whether joining one session or a dozen, it cost nothing except time to access the wisdom and experience of our world class speakers.

What do attendees need to participate?

To participate in this Summit attendees needed a device able to access Clubhouse, currently limited to IOS devices (sorry Android users!).

They also needed an invite to access Clubhouse. Reach out via the contact form below if you don’t have an invite and don’t know anyone who does and we’ll see if we can help you.

Finally, they needed to access the Content Marketing club in Clubhouse. Either click this link or, once in Clubhouse, search for clubs using the magnifying glass in the Clubhouse App and look for the Group with the cool Green Lime on the left).

Can I become a Speaker for the next event?

Speaking at the Summit was open to anyone with experience to share or expertise in content marketing globally. Use the Contact form to reach out to us.

Keynote speakers spoke for 30 minutes, followed by questions and discussions for up to an hour, on one of many Content Marketing topics, panelists joined one of our 60-90 minute long panel discussions on a Content Marketing topic.

First time speakers were welcome to apply – we’re a friendly and supportive group.

Moderators facilitated a room for a speaker or networking session, panel discussion or another type of event. Rooms lasted from 30-120 minutes.

We particularly valued people with past Clubhouse moderation experience, but if new or still learning, we paired moderators with an experienced moderator.

We shared resources for moderators and speakers to help them shine!

How do I stay updated about future events?

Join our free Facebook group or stay in touch via this website.

Our Team



Suzette founded and runs a multi-million dollar business helping governments design their information management systems. She works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to systemise and automate their businesses and speaks at international events.
She cofounded and leads SimpleMarketing.AI, a startup leveraging advanced AI to generate original marketing content for businesses.

Amalie is the cofounder of Systematic Excellence Consulting, where she helps entrepreneurs and business owners to amplify their business success through systems and automation. A former 2CCX Coach for ClickFunnels, Amalie has deep experience in content marketing and sales systems. She’s also a US Navy Veteran.



Craig is a serial entrepreneur with multiple trade sale and listing exits who also spent time working in senior roles in government and for a large multinational consultancy. He's worked in the digital area for over 25 years with a focus on marketing and product.
He cofounded and serves as Chief Marketing Officer for SimpleMarketing.AI and consults on digital governance for UNDP.


If you have questions, reach out using the form below.

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